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This page has been narrated for a better experience.  I left the text up for those who are deaf since Jesus is the most important thing in our lives.

Satan has been fighting me on this page tooth and nail.  I had to remember to say Yehoshua Messiahs before I hit save because the files weren't saving.  As soon as I said Jesus Christ in the Hebrew tongue the file saved correctly amen.  

I had a horrible time saving this file.  First I had to thank God for everything that went wrong in my life then I had to spell Jesus in Hebrew correctly.  Thank you Jesus.

I started to realize there is a problem and the problem is with me.  Specifically "about me."  Though I try to put Jesus Christ out there if this site is "about me" it is for all the wrong reasons.  I realize I have been at fault in a lot of things and perhaps the biggest one is narcissism.  I have spoken great swelling words about myself but I need to put Jesus in the inn and stop leaving Him out in the cold.  This site is being worked on February 7th and I will be creating a new link here about Jesus.  Sorry I left you out in the cold Jesus but after all this site is about Him and not about me.  

People are often in search of the truth, but unfortunately and little did I realize is I was seeking exactly what God warned me about, "self."  I have watched friends who put self first and they fell on their hindquarters.  Whether you want to hear it or not we were not meant to stand on our own two feet.  If we stand without Jesus we are standing in quick sand because, unless we plant our foundation on Christ, all we are are unstable, mindless wrecks headed for a serious fall.  However, if we live for Christ we stand upon a solid foundation and unlike shifting sands our Rock is God and He has never let me down.  I've let myself down but God has not.  I have cursed God when God was blessing me.  I have ignored God when God spoke.  I have tooted my own trumpet, and plugged my ears to the blast of God.  

While I call myself a Christian I have served self and put myself before God insisting He should bless me.  When God failed to bless me I hurled accusations at God.  

God did not cause the earthquake in Haiti, God did not destroy New Orleans, God did not destroy your life, but God did destroy one thing.  You can blame the Jews or the Roman soldiers but one must look in the mirror to know what I am talking about.  Most of the world's destruction comes at the hands of man, and Satan or course who is in the business of deception and making the world believe God is at fault.  God can be blamed for one thing for sure, but it was not by choice.  God destroyed His greatest treasure.  God took His very own Son and He was put to death 2000 years ago.  God destroyed His very own Son.  It was a choice that was not fun but the only choice God had.  See God knew there was only one way to have life and that was if God's one and only Son died in our place.  

Now imagine just for a second being in combat.  You are in a foxhole and out of the blue an enemies' grenade lands in your foxhole.  Without hesitation your buddy jumps on that explosive device that would have killed the both of you.  He paid that price so that you would live.  He gave you a chance at life, and you've been redeemed.  Only this time it was not the man in the foxhole with you, it is God from heaven who came down to set sinners free. That person is Jesus Christ who was God in the flesh.  Our Father in heaven knew there was only one hope to save humanity.  That hope died for you in your place so that you would have life.  

Maybe you don't know who Jesus Christ is?  Well 12 years as a Christian you think I would know, but let me tell you looking into vainities mirror I thought I knew Christ.  All I knew was myself, but after falling into many serious sins I realize now wisdom doesn't come with age.  However, Proverbs 16:18  Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. 

I fell flat on my rear and I did so in church.  It was right after a sermon and I mentioned falling down without Jesus.  God did it as a lesson.  I wasn't right with God and I fell without God.  After thinking about the situation a bit I realized I was the one who needed to hear my own preaching.  I thought I was better than some and bragged that I was more humble however this site was, "about me."  Friend I am sorry but nothing in this world is about me or ever was about me.  Life has nothing to do with you, but rather Jesus who died for you.  After all Jesus died that you may live.  

So to summarize who Jesus is, Jesus is our life...  My friend if you want life I am not the answer, but I can tell you who is:  (John 14:6)  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.  If you learn anything at all learn this, Jesus died that you may live.  Repent of your sins, and accept Jesus into your heart today.  After doing so, dedicate your life to God and start going to church.  Truthfully it does matter what church you go to as not all churches lead you to Jesus.  God knows I run a Christian web site, and the main focus was some fool in the mirror, but let me tell you, your true focus is Jesus Christ, who died for you.  

I am sorry Jesus I fell off the path once again...  I thank you in that while you are faithful to me every time, I repent for not being faithful to you!  

In the most sincere apologies, 
Dale Lee Gordon

The Day God Came to Town

It was a star filled night.
The city was dark but then there was light.
That light was God in the flesh Emmanuel.
The Good Shepherd came to us this God do you know Him well?
He came a man humble a man to die a horrible death.
In the end he was spotless yes God passed the test.
He came to save us from sin the light of our eyes.
Some tortured him to death others just stood back and cried.
Some took his garments as they bound him to the cross.
With nails did they pierce him Jesus came to save the lost.
With whips and beatings they tore him bleeding.
On a colt he rode in to Jerusalem with Hallelujah shouting and greeting.
It was the legalistic law makers that wanted him dead.
They wanted a crown on his head when he offered the poor bread.
What a great king he'd make he would surely shove Rome out.
This KING came for our salvation that was what it was all about.  
We read of him in the Bible this is the equation to salvation as planned.
When you are tired and alone just reach for his hand.


Scroll down for a poem about LORD Jesus Christ.  I put the audio here because blind people need to hear this message.  I know it will load slower but blind people need Jesus too.  Other narrations include John 3:16 and John 14:6.  
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